Head Composite Filmstrip Small Transparent.pngMy name is Joe Kleinwaechter and I am the author of Stranded Starfish.

I’m a degreed Electrical Engineer from Milwaukee but have spent the vast majority of my life on the software side. I’ve been leading software development teams in Atlanta for the past 15 years.

Unlike many writers, I chose to write this column for me. As an avid student of self-improvement, particularly leadership, motivation, learning and self understanding there are so many new ideas thrown at me every day. While I journal all of these, it’s often simply recording others’  ideas.

There is an old saying that if you want to really see if you know something, try and teach it. This column is an attempt at putting small thoughts together as if they were being taught; not necessarily for your benefit, but to see if I really understand what I think I know. The reason I make it public is to test the ideas and learn more from others. If you get something out of it as well then I have accomplished more than expected.

I am not sure where this is going to lead, but I sure look forward to the journey.

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