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I Knew That

joe —  Sat 29-Jun-13

Dog and skunkThey say that with age comes wisdom. It seems as we get older we feel it is our duty to share our wisdom with everyone else. Unconvinced? Watch a Facebook conversation between a new parent and those that have already been there and done that. You can almost hear the parents with older children saying, “Bless you heart,” to the first timers.

There is something in the human psyche that feels the need to let others know how much we know. It seems to get worse as we get older and think that the wisdom fairy has somehow blessed us. I think true wisdom comes when we realize that not everyone needs or wants our sage advice. I’ve been wrestling with this problem quite a bit lately. Continue Reading…

Half a Minute Man

joe —  Sat 7-Jul-12

The 4th of July never disappoints when it comes to amusing stories. The combination of alcohol, explosives, and crowds of people, make listening to the news on the 5th very entertaining.

This year was no exception. Instead of alcohol, though, it was a glitch in a computer program that caused one of the nation’s largest fireworks show go from 20 minutes to 30 seconds.

I was trying to picture the reactions of those in attendance. Was it “whoa, dude, that was awesome” or more like “WTF?” I’m sure the emotions of those putting it on were quite a bit different than those watching it.

Then I thought about how similar the 2012 San Diego fireworks show was to meeting new people. There are those that walk into a room and within 30 seconds of fireworks you know everything about them. They can be incredibly fascinating and have a great life story, but ultimately you know everything there is and there is no more. I call them the Half-A-Minute-Men (HAMM). Continue Reading…

Despite what I wrote back on January 1st, tonight will be the only true blue moon this year. Science is fascinating to me in that it never takes anything today as absolutely true, only a stepping stone to what is likely more true tomorrow. It’s in a constant state of refinement and understanding.

Take for instance our dearly dead friends Ptolemy and Copernicus. You may remember that Ptolemy once proclaimed that the planets and sun all revolved around the earth. The difficulty with this easily accepted idea was that there were a lot of things that didn’t quite add up and required very complicated explanations on how this all worked.

Continue Reading…