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I Landed Where???

joe —  Fri 17-Oct-14

Columbus holidayThe U.S. should have a national holiday in my honor. On several occasions I have led a large group of cyclists over long distances, become lost, and then tried to convince the others that I was right where I expected to be. I am the Christopher Columbus of bicycling.

The United States celebrated a national holiday this past week that honored Christopher Columbus. By honored, I mean we pretty much ignored the holiday.

Many of us older folks were taught that Columbus discovered North America in 1492. The fact that millions of people were already living in North America didn’t diminish his legacy. Neither did the fact that Columbus landed in Bermuda thinking it was India, saw Cuba and thought it was China, and made a trip to Hispaniola convinced it was Japan. He had no clue that there was a giant landmass and another ocean between Spain and Asia.
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Veni Vidi Vici Vito

joe —  Sat 27-Apr-13

10sI would hate to be a professional athlete. I love sports, but the mindless interviews and constant microscopic analysis of every word I said and every move I made would drive me crazy. That was obvious this in this past week’s NFL draft. It was also a great lesson in learning to lead others.

West Virginia’s Geno Smith was arguably considered the best quarterback in the draft. Everyone expected Smith to go in the first round of picks. Athletes of this caliber are often invited to attend the Radio City Hall event, sitting in the green room. The green room is a place where guests wait before coming on stage, often filled with backstage cameras.

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A New Skin

joe —  Fri 26-Nov-10

Well, I finally went and addressed some of the usability issues with the blog. What you see now is the starting point of the new look.

I found over this past year that while I like the warmth of the old design, it had three major problems.


  1. Dreadfully slow load time – I thought that most of this was my web host, but it turns out that the pages had some poorly written CSS that caused a significant amount of the load issues.
  2. Hard on the eyes – The color choices made it hard to read at times. I love the warmth of the brown palette but it is a difficult contrast to read.
  3. It felt too complicated – Something felt very busy about the old site. This new site has much simpler lines and a cleaner feel.

A special thank you to one of my favorite bloggers, Michael Hyatt, for the recommendation he gave on the template he uses. If you haven’t read his blog yet please go check it out.