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Day 1 – Monday: Story Topping

joe —  Sun 15-Aug-10

One of my favorite Dilbert strips is one where Dilbert, Wally and some old guy were having a lunch discussion.

Old Guy: When I started out we didn’t have those sissy windows and icons. All we had were Continue Reading…

The Week of Living Consciously

joe —  Sun 15-Aug-10

Have you ever had one of those “Word of the Day” calendars or email services that gave you a new word to learn with the intent of improving your vocabulary? The idea was to expose something you weren’t aware of and then to find opportunities to put it to use.

What if we applied the same idea to our behaviors? What if everyday we were to all get together and look at one practical life application (PLA) and try to apply it through out the day? Continue Reading…

The Audacity of a Magnolia

joe —  Sun 11-Jul-10

Our house sits on a very heavily wooded lot surrounded by large oak, maple, and cherry trees. Sitting on our back porch, staring at this beautiful forest is where I write nearly all of the Stranded Starfish columns. It is here where I see the hand of our Creator at work.

Then when I peer around the corner of the house I come in full view of what can only be described as God wanting to express himself. Here stands a tree that was given to me by my wife and mother-in-law, a constant reminder of how much they understand me. I cannot pass by this tree without stopping to notice it and go “Wow!”

Continue Reading…

Hidden Mickeys

joe —  Thu 27-May-10

If you thought that a Hidden Mickey was something they used in old spy movies from the 60’s then you probably haven’t been to the Magic Kingdom with young ones before. Better yet, if you aren’t familiar with the sport of Spotting the Hidden Mickeys you will no longer be able to walk through a Disney attraction with such beautifully ignorant bliss.

Hidden MickeyA partial or complete impression of Mickey Mouse placed by the Imagineers and artists to blend into the designs of Disney attractions, hotels, restaurants, and other areas.

The task of Spotting Hidden Mickeys can be very addictive – there are Continue Reading…

Don’t Drop the Baby

joe —  Sun 2-May-10

Colonel sanders raceWhat is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say Colonel Sanders? Chicken, right? How about Hank Aaron, Job, or Debbie “Mrs.” Fields? Despite the incredible complexity and richness of each of these people each are predominantly known for one standout thing.

Unless you are an avid football fan you may not known Rudi Johnson. Rudi is a running back in the NFL that is superior to nearly all other running backs in one way – he hardly ever Continue Reading…

Crossing the Line

joe —  Fri 12-Feb-10

I believe that no matter how happy you are, you have at least 10% of your psyche dedicated to bitching. For many, it can be quite a bit more, but everyone has at least 10%.

If you are a leader and want to help your teams it is critical that you know a little bit about this and how it may cause you to do exactly the wrong thing despite your best intentions.

Despite having a great day, week or life, there is always some natural tension eating at us that we need or would like to change. This dissonance Continue Reading…

The Red Honda Theory

joe —  Fri 5-Feb-10

I am a voracious reader when it comes to non-fiction, especially books on leadership, sociology and cognitive theory. However, little of what I gain from reading a book comes from the written material. The main reason I read is because of what happens after I finish.

In 1992 I was shopping for a new car and stopped by the local Honda dealership. After telling the salesman that”sporty” was the image I was seeking he told me to check out the new Prelude. I had seen the Prelude before – just a little nicer Accord in my opinion. This year was different as the Prelude had just received a sporty new overhaul. I loved it. I had to have it. Wow, I don’t think anyone knew about this well kept Continue Reading…