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Feed the Brain – Starve the Ego

joe —  Wed 29-Aug-18

Grey s AnatomyI’m not big on watching TV. It’s not because of some enlightened state; far from it. I just get bored easily. So when I do catch a show, my mind is wandering to fill in subtext or meaning, often connecting it to something I have learned elsewhere. This can be very annoying to those near me. Such was the case of watching Meredith Gray.

Meredith is a surgeon on Gray’s Anatomy, a TV series about surgeons doing brave and stupid things. In one episode, a woman had brought her son into the hospital because he was not responding to medication from a previous diagnosis. The intern couldn’t find anything wrong other than what appeared to be a classic case of the flu. Casey, the mother of the child, insisted something else was wrong. After reluctantly performing more tests, the intern discovered that the boy had strep and sent them both home with proper medication.

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