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Your Inner Schizophrenic

joe —  Tue 1-Jun-10

Creativity is a fascinating beast. Some people seem to have it in droves – others, “Bless their hearts” as southerners would say, weren’t so equipped. But what makes a person creative – is it nature or nurture?

The answer is a resounding “Yes?” We all have different physiological profiles that makes us more or less capable, but the people around you have just as much influence on whether you are creative or not. To get to the nurture we first need to step through the nature and a tiny bit of science. I promise it won’t hurt.

You may have heard the expression “scientists have never found a gene responsible for creativity” and it is technically Continue Reading…

The First Laugh is the Deepest

joe —  Sun 4-Apr-10

I’ll let you in on a very personal secret. Get a little closer to the screen as I don’t want everyone to know this.

I like to have fun.

If you knew that already then it shouldn’t surprise you that I surround myself with people that make life fun. My wife Beth holds the title of the single person that makes me laugh most. I think our teenage kids, Jared and Lauren would concur. Heck I think that any of our kids’ friends that have been around her would agree.

Let me give you an example that is completely typical of her everyday style and how it plays into today’s confession. Continue Reading…

One in a Million?

joe —  Sat 27-Mar-10

Did you ever meet one of those people that after only a few minutes of conversation you get so wrapped up into what they are saying that time disappears? I’m not talking about a romantic attraction but someone that grabs your heart in a very different way – in a way that takes you out of the struggles of everyday life up to a higher ground. I did this week and her name was Mary Alice.

Sitting in a window seat on a very full flight from Detroit to Orlando an Continue Reading…